The Abandoned Little White House

As long as I can remember, this little white house has been abandoned for good many years. It's not very unusual- for there are a lot of pretty abandoned villas in my neighborhood.* Yet, this one has always been one of my favorite. The house is romantically painted in white, it's surrounded by glass doors and large windows, and it has a wide wild garden with a small white pond and a fountain.

Sometime in the past, it might be one of the loveliest house in the neighborhood with a decent garden and happy little family. Everytime I pass this house, I made up some stories and questions in my mind, wondering who once lived here. Was it a happy family spending their weekend in this fresh-air area, or was it owned by a royal lady who spends her day writing and playing piano- enjoying her solitude? Was it once a warm home full of love or was it dull?!

Yet, since I first had romantic ideas regarding this house, all I know is a couple of happy loving chicken living next door and only wild plants conducting a great life in this house- which, in fact, makes the whole thing even more interesting to me. ;)





Mini dress / Orchid Boutique
Legging / from my mom

Photographed by Dito Yuwono


(*) P.S. I'm a bit obsessed to pretty old houses in my neigbourhood. They're just so dreamy and romantic! Next time I will post some other photos of these houses and share my obsession with you.. ;)

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rana musika said...

what a lovely house... almost like a dream *__*

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