A Little Picnic Up On the Hill

I remember..
a year ago, there was once a perfect day where the sky was so blue with a dash of white cloud.

The sun shines very gently and all I want was to have a 3-pm-picnic with my friend, waiting for the glorious sunset.

Up on the hill..

So we put on our summer outfit, lay the blue picnic-blanket on the ground, and have a feast.


-We are the picnic girls-


Pearl necklace / I made it myself (Miy’s Pearl and Beads)
Green polka dot tube dress / Mineola
White bolero / Orchid Boutique
White wedge / Yongki Komaladi


Red batik halter top - arnie y
Earrings - a.k.k.u


Photographed by

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