Where the Sunbeams Choose to Fall


There are certain places where the sunbeams choose to fall~ a special spot where the grass grows softer, and greener with sparkling silvery strands, blooming blossom, warming breeze, and fluffing cloud above. A cat would purr and take a nap on the warmest side. The creepy-crawly little creatures marching around busily, and the world of make believe comes true. And, oh, the smell of fresh citrus-like ground reminds me of warm earl-grey tea in a comfortable evening. I’d like to stumble upon it and spend the day lounging on that certain place where the sunbeams choose to fall.




White Dress / Rose
Vintage Flowery Belt / Little Garage
Head Piece / Little Garage
Flip Flop / -forget where I got them-
Bag / Read's

Photographed by Dito Yuwono

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