Steal the Look: Heidi and Clara


The dearly beloved Heidi and sweet Clara are the object of our affection this time. The sun-kissed Heidi with her cheerful free spirit surely captured our heart since we were first introduced: on the storybook "Heidi". She's a childhood heroine who's befriend with fluffy lambs, the alps, and everything close to the nature. Clara, her best friend is also dearly in a more lady-like manner. Their friendship is sweet like the alps' breeze in the evening and warm like the morning sun. How could picnic girls like us not loving her?!





Intan as Heidi
White Dress / thrift store
Scarf / mama's scarf
Boots / thrift store, friend's gift

Miy as Clara
Black Dress / Mignon
Brooch / I made it myself
White Tight / Intan's
White Shoes / mom's gift

Photographed by Dito Yuwono



Nadia Kamballa said...

What a great inspiration for an outfit post. Both of you looked lovely..


intan said...

asyikkkkkkkkkk, heidiiiiiiiiii :D
kapan piknik lg mbaaak?

eLFiRa aRisanti said...

seru deh :)

dunia kecil indi said...

Nice :) Tapi malah ngingetin aku sama Madicken dan adiknya, hihihi...

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