The Tale of Clandestine Sisters I: The Delicate Scholar


The day is young. Morning is creeping all over the town of Reverie. Gently. The sweet peppermint wind arouse along with the shy morning sun. Children stay under their blanket on the comfortable bed. Mothers enjoy the stillness of their tea. The town is covered with a strange quietness.

Meanwhile, in the tranquility of Raro train station, a girl rush in~ insisting to be allowed to enter. “But I’m one of the Clandestine sisters”, she said, showing a piece of paper to the station staff who soon allows her to enter the empty station. Now he understands the eerie feeling of the morning: it’s the morning when the Clandestine sisters meet. An old tale says that Raro Train Station is where the gate to the Secreto Land located. He already spend half of his lifetime as a station staff but he never knows where. He thought it was only a myth but he just met the first sister, didn’t he?

The girl in the green dress is the first sister to arrive. She lives in the castle in the sky, far north of the town of Reverie. She is a delicate scholar who always surrounded by an invisible cloud of melancholy. She soon takes a seat on the nearest bench, waiting for the second sister to arrive.. very soon.

But, that is the story for later..






Green Dress (as seen on Blair here) / a.k.k.u.
Headband / nanette
Necklace /vintage
Bracelets /Miy's
Green Bow (worn as belt) /Miy's
Bag / a birthday gift from Dito's mom
Peep-toe Sandals / Hers

Photographed by Dito Yuwono


myrrh goldframe said...

gorgeous post. loving the dress! so lovely ! <333333 Miy!

myrrh goldframe said...

Let's exchanging link dear Miy! yeayy!


Miy said...

@lauretha: of course I already have your link at my tink-a-link page, darla.. Love! Love! Longing to meet you very soon..


Nadia Kamballa said...

What a pretty dress.. And I love the opening story :p


Miy said...

thank you, dear, nadiaa.. ;)

Claradevi said...

Picnic Girl!
You're just so adorable. I think green suits you! Someday we should meet-up and get some vintage photoshots together - I know some girls who would love to join us for sure.
Do write more, you're so talented... :)

Miy said...

@ claradevi: yes, we should.. :)

FIAN said...

hi miy,, :)
nice to know and visit your blog ^^

nice photoshoot, i like your dress, so pretty dear,,
just visit my blog too.. ^^

phie emotions.

Miy said...

@fian: thanks for stopping by.. ;)

intan said...

mbak miyyy, classic bgt mbak. ini dimana? hhe

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