That word: carmelito; popped up in most of the frame of our photo-shoot. Even the sound of it is too cute.. more like a mix of sweet 'caramel' and 'lito' (little one).. I roughly translated it into 'the little caramel'. Turns out that Carmelito is the smooth blend of sweet caramel and strong espresso. How coincidental! 

Apparently, that was what we're talking about that day. Hours of girl talk about sweetness and strength; business venture opportunity and gossips, cute restaurant that never fails to impress us and boys who took photos in their own ways, gorgeous picnic spots and disappointing nation, on and on and on.. 



My Picnic Pal this time is a fellow blogger, Thika~ Marla Singer of The Versicle (she's so famous, I really don't need to introduce her, do I?). She is the blogger I meet the most often in real life. First time I met her, she was so young and carefree. Then, I got to know her better when she slept over in my place back when I was still at the city. When I meet her again now, it was very surprising to see how tough and mature she is. I simply adore how she jumped out of the Wonderland and decide to grow up: one thing I still unable to do.  

Our life was somehow attached in thin lines (she even wrote a sweet post about my Cups before we know each other.. and that's how I said 'hi' for the first time, I guess.. ) Hopefully this thin line that attach us gets stronger and bolder by time. It's amazing how this little world of fashion blogging has introduced us to new people that later be our friend. Hopefully, there will be more friendship start from this strong community of blogosphere. ;) 



In fact, none of us ordered Carmelito that time. Thika enjoys her ice chocolate very much she order the second glass in no time; as for me,  I was overwhelmed by my tea tier so I order green tea ice blend to match it (this place doesn't offer any cute treats so I decide to bring my own homemade sweet treat). I just wish I brought  cute cups too, the plastic glass is hideous.  Next time, I'll be back for the carmelito and bring my own cup.



(*) The second song is dedicated for the handsome little Carmelito of Thika.. *hugs*
Hey! Now I'm on Teen Vogue Fashion Click! ;)

Check out the other Picnic Pal here

Headband / Strawberry
Lace Dress / Forever 21
Wedge / Friday to Sunday
Mega Mendung Bustier / a.k.k.u.
Charm Bracelet Watch / a gift from Dito's mom
Teacup Ring / Forever 21 (went missing a day after this photoshot..so sad!) 

Photographed by Dito Yuwono



mirramie said...

aw u both so cute :))
may meet u someday?


Anya adores said...

OH look at this fab cake tray and your awesome outfits?? Love your blog, I will follow you now, hope you do the same:)
A xx

Tiq said...

YOu two girls are the cutest! Love both of your outfit here!

Luchie said...

waaa dimana tu? tempatnya kyknya asik :D

I'm a newbie di dunia blogger, jd baru tau ada blog keren dari Jogja juga hahaha (>o<)/.....(>,<) doeeenk!!

ching said...

wow the photos are really good and you girls are so pretty.

Madeline said...

wow! this is great! I want strawberries and baked goods now

Francesca said...

beautiful photos. i'm your 100th follower :) You have a great blog!


☺☺☺ said...

woooowww keren bangeeeet! suka deh classic gimana gitu feelnya *,*

martha puri said...

cantik Miy!! foto2nya jg kereeennn! aku suka.. ajak aku kek sekali2 buat piknik bareng picnic girl :)

martha puri said...

cantik Miy!! foto2nya jg kereeennn! aku suka.. ajak aku kek sekali2 buat piknik bareng picnic girl :)

dunia kecil indi said...

*gulping* itu strawberry'nya nampak ranum. mau :) foto2nya bagus, dress'nya cute, yg pakai cantik2. what a perfect photoshoot :D

inge luciana said...

you two are awesome
pretty dress

Shirley said...

Great pictures!
love your dress, both of you look so lovely!


Lia Waroka Putri said...

You are so lucky to meet her! I wish I could meet you two someday =D And the place looks so comfy!

GANDA said...

I hope to meet you someday too Miy!


michelle_ said...

you look like u had a blast !
i read marla's blog that you baked those delicacies did you? :D

i love ur wedges !

glisters and blisters

Miy said...

@ miramie, lia, ganda: sure.. we should meet someday.

@ martha: yeaaay!! Lets have a picnic, lady.. a crafty one?

@ michelle: yup.. I made some of the cakes. I'm a baking type, you see.. hehehe..


if-I-were-Audrey said...

nice fotos and i especially like your bow :D

Morgan said...

Oh my goodness! How have I never seen your blog before! I am so lovin it! Your pics are amazing, and I just adore that outfit!

Meet Virginia Design

cillaey said...

awwww, you're so cute <3
I like your whole outfit here, so adorable :)

Uncustomized Desire

Michelle said...

lovely post! I'd like to visit or cafe someday, but too bad it's toooo far! ever asked marla abt the address and shock in an instant. nice decoration in your cafe btw. now know you're the owner :D


aww, sounds like you had a delightful time. I LOVEY the pictures & you both look positively adorable, love your gorgeous dress hun! xx veronika

yileen said...

That tray of cakes got me drooling! *wipe. Venture opportunities? You girls are so on to it! ;)

Cassandra Niki said...

i'm really enjoying these pictures x

lady sélénite said...

Lovely post, lovely place, lovely friendship story !

Sofi Stellar said...

These photos are so amazing and fun! I love them :) I really love the glasses and the brown hair bow <3

Veren Lee said...

all of you are so pretty . :)

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

Love all the pictures, it sounds like an amazing time.

Write it in Lipstick

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so pretty. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so pretty. v

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