The Girl who Stares at the Sea (pt.2): The Shell Seeker

The wind carries the hat away with a longing mind of the girl who stares at the sea. (1)
Up.. up and away.. 

..above the pastel-beach..

..and a small hidden paradise of tranquility..

..and finally stops..

..at a place where the shell seekers went collecting forgotten treasures every morning.


For her, the sea tells thousands stories through forgotten things she found along the shores, washed away by the waves from the other side of the world. Bottles, shells, shoe, dried leaf, toys, curiosities, or anything at all. 

She could wander all day long with her mind up on the cloud, wondering what the story of the thing she found. Might it be thrown away, or was it fell off from a loving owner. Might it be a precious little gift from someone, or is it just another crap. 

That shoe, where the other half might be.. that broken toy, might a child somewhere was looking for it day by day? And that leaf.. what is the tree look like? where is it located? who seat under that tree? who grew that tree? is it still alive? 



Her mind floats on the cloud the way she floats through life gently like a feather in the wind.. like a bottle on the sea, and like a hat carrying another girl's wandering dreamy mind. 



This hat.. 

where does it come from? Who is this girl losing this hat? What's her story? Where she might be now? What should I do? Should I return it to her? Who is she? Is she even looking for this hat? Oh, what is that thing sparkling on the sand? Is it a pearl? Is it a glass or a bead? 

Wait! There's a baby crab. She's so cute. Look at those little tweezers! Will she hurt me when I catch it? Well, why should I catch it anyway? Oh, it such a lovely day! I should just jump and play at that clear water. That must be very refreshing. There must be a lot of colorful fish in there. I'll swim with them. 

Might the mermaids join me and sing a lullaby? or might it be a cherry merry song? Will they tell me stories? What the story will be about? The newborn baby whale? The dying old creature? The party held for celebrating the moon at its peak? Or might it be the story of their journey across the ocean? 



..as her mind goes on wandering and floating, she soon forgot about the hat and where it comes from or whatever story it has and whoever owned it before.. 


..and so the wind decide to carry the hat away once again, with fractions of memories, and daydreams, and the wandering mind of the shell seeker. Fractions of two wandering minds of two girls in separated slice of paradise are taken and fly up and away once again.  

>>to be continued<<


Grey Lace Dress / Number 61
Headpiece and Necklace / Little Garage

Photographed by Dito Yuwono at a little paradise we first discovered in a perfect 2007 roadtrip 

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Steffys Pros and Cons said...

gorgeous it looks so peaceful there!

<3 steffy

Becka[JustLikeJasper] said...

These are such beautiful pictures <3
Wish I lived near a beach!

Becky-May said...

What a beautiful beach! This post is seriously lovely!

The Flower Girl


Gregory said...

These photos are so lovely, I love your outfit too!!


Gilbert Ganda said...

Hi Miy, this post is so lovely, the photos, outfit, the stories and everything!


piapia said...

such a beautiful place :) love all of the photos :) great post, dear

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Oh wow. These are breathtaking. x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

Britt+Whit said...

I love this post! Helping me ecscape reality. I love your hair piece!

love from San Francisco,



Morgan said...

Gorgeous..just this whole post was gorgeous!!

Meet Virginia Design

Hanna said...

Oh my,, this beach looks tooo stunning!! and I love your hat :D

Alexandra said...

the sights are amazing ! and the photos of you in it seem ripped from an old romance movie <3

alexandra @

LAVEL said...

These photos are so nice :>

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look and photos, darling!


riestya arum permata said...

i love the scenery :)


fhen said...

the scenery is so beautiful
lovely photos as well!

Veren Lee said...

omg the scenery is so amazingg. I want to go to that beach ;D ;D.
Great photos too, kak Miy! :)

rochelle:) said...

beautiful pictures! the place looks so relaxing I wish to be there :) - btw your new follower here.

michelle_ said...

great photos !
the location looks nice for photos :D

glisters and blisters

Judy said...

lovely photos lady!!



So beautiful, love the pastel hues & your gorgeous dress is equally delightful. xx veronika

Diana caitilin said...


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i think it would be better if you wear colorful dress so it look brighter.

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