The Girl who Stares at the Sea (pt.3): The Day Wanderer

Once again, the wind blew that hat up, up, and away.. (1) (2)

..up to the wide rocky prairie on the hill by the sea..

..where the day-wanderer went every once in awhile.. 


When she first saw the hat on that rock by the footpath, she wonder who might have dropped it. Some shepherds that she usually meets along the way, don't seem to be around. Maybe she came a bit too late this time. So this hat might be theirs and dropped by accident. Then she took that hat, aiming to return the hat to the owner.



The day wanderer.. her hair is still on a tight bun. She'd really love to let the wind mess it up.. She dress properly with tights and dress, no matter how hot that day was. Her nanny will never allows her to 'dress inappropriately'. Lucky for her, every day when her nanny put her younger sister for a nap, she allows her to stroll along that footpath on the hill behind their home. That's where she met people and take her little nap under the sun.


♪ ♫ ♪  Sigur Ros- Heima ♪ ♫ ♪


The sound of the sea is her lullaby, so gentle, so nurturing.. she always believe that the sea is her mother's twin sister..as gentle as she is. On her nap, she dreamt of a girl that looks exactly like her, only her hair was long, loose, and wavy. She dreamt of a girl who suffered from a dark spell that lock her up on the cliff. There are four houses on that cliff, her house..not her home. (1) 

Then, she dreamt of a shell seeker whose mind is so dreamy and active, it left no space for answers.. she keeps questioning things and floating through life gently.. before the hat flew again and find her. (2)



When she woke up, she know exactly who's the owner of the hat. But the thought of two twin sisters on the other side of the sea is a bit puzzling for her. For she later spend her time wondering about them..and send her whisper along the waves.. 


"Can you hear me? I know you're there.. can you hear me? Give me a sign"

..and she keep sending her messages.. 

..over and over again..


..and this lines come cross her mind.. 

We felt the imprisonment of being a girl, the way it made your mind active and dreamy, and how you ended up knowing which colors went together. We knew that the girls were our twins, that we all existed in space like animals with identical skins, and that they knew everything about us though we couldn't fathom them at all. We knew, finally, that the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them.

(Jeffrey Eugenides -The Virgin Suicides)]


She knows they can hear her. 

>>the end<<


White Tight  / Little Garage
Pink Dress / Kotak Pandora
Wedge / Conexxion 
Hat / Miy's

Photographed by Dito Yuwono


Read the whole story here


uchie suci utami apsari said...

love the view:)


Lisa and Kirana said...

nice picts :)

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Michelle said...

beautiful pictures! nice :D

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love all of the greenery, and your hat/dress are so cute!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Sick by Trend said...

Your photos look like a dream... I need doing exactly what you do on the pics! :D

Have a wonderful weekend!



Couture Carrie said...

Absolutely gorgeous look and pics!
Love this post!


Amber Blue Bird said...

what a beautiful location

Morgan said...

Gorgeous as usual! Looks like an amazing place for sure!

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amy said...

I want to sit by the sea. Sipping tea, while eating biscuits. The sea is so romantic, and pretty. The waves sing a melodious tune, and ask the listener for dreaming.

Love your style, and your sweetness. Following x

amy !

My Republic of Fashion said...

Awwwww, gorgeous pictures! That pink dress is stunning. :)SarahD

Cassidy said...

So lovely! I want to go there so badly and have a picnic.

Dreamy Princess said...

Woww..!!!!beautiful scenery. Where is it? I should go there sometime><

I love your outfit too. so pretty. Matches with the whole scenery, make such a beautiful photographs(:

Dreamy Princess

michelle_ said...

idk why.. but this reminds me of the sound of music.. lol

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Collections said...

These pictures are beautiful. They look straight out of a fairytale.


My trendy blog said...

Waouh, I love these pictures, you're amazing !

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