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As the last piece of April kebaya post, I'd like to share a picnic moment with my two fabulous Picnic Pals: Ani Himawati and Ria Papermoon. I'd also like to wish every women in Indonesia a happy Kartini commemorate day. She might only be an icon but, remember how she keeps every little schoolgirl inside of us yearning to achieve more and more, with eyes sparkle~ looking up to her. 


whatever Kartini dreamt to be

With sparkly eyes of that little schoolgirl persona inside of Indonesian girls, Ani Himawati might be just the right ambasador of modern Kartini. Up to this second, she had achieved things Kartini used to dreamt long long time ago: education, freedom, and women's right.

Born and grew up in Yogyakarta, Ani Himawati is a true Javanese girl. She is soft-spoken (yet very 'crunchy' and talk active), adore classic wardrobe, and polite. She is a perfect combo of fun and ambitious at the same time.  

After finishing her doctoral degree (S3) in Europe; she now works in an International NGO, while still doing her role as a freelance researcher, author, women's right activist, and become one of the most sought-after woman anthropologist in Indonesia. In her free time, she's still active in art and social work in Jaringan Perempuan Yogyakarta (a networking community for women in Yogyakarta). She is one of the initiator of annual International women's day celebration: Women in Color (2009), Couleur Femme (2010), and Art International Woman Day (2011). Impressive, eh?

First time I met her in 2008, she was one of my respondent in my focus-group-discussion for my thesis. I was introduced to her back then as an author and just the perfect person to join my bookstore-related FGD. Later, I met her in several art-events and learned more about her now and in our latest picnic, I found out her little connection with my mom 15 years ago!:)) ahh.. universe!



colorful, even in black and white

My other picnic pal is Ria Papermoon; a lover of kebaya encim, the person behind Papermoon Puppet Theater  and an artist with a very sparky persona combined with warm personal-being; just like a rainbow! Her happiness and positivity is so contagious that I really don't need to put her photos in color, yet, she shines and sparkle all way through. 

Writing about her, I simply can't separate her life- job- personality that all collected in her warm and very intimate home. Her home is a place full of treasures and curiosities. There's always something new I found whenever I spend hours and days there; sharing ideas and references, latest picnic schedule, hours of non-stop chit-chat, delicious lunch, her to-die-for book collections, and I even made an article about her enormous collection of tin toys for my Huff Magazine next edition. That is exactly how colorful, inspiring,  and warm her life can be. 

Whenever I think about a girl with unusual dream-job, my mind goes directly to her. Puppeteer+ illustrator+children book author? all at the same time: how more dreamy could that be, eh?! A girl who's living up her dream no matter what people say at the very first time; has now proof that dream can actually come true. 

She (and her puppets) has now performed not only in Indonesia but also on International stages like India, Singapore, and New York. Her latest work, Mwathirika, has gained the biggest attention from the media and moves a lot of hearts to remember the almost-forgotten past of Indonesian genocide decades ago. Mwathirika has been replayed in Jakarta and rumor has it, Mwathirika will be performed once again next year. Make sure you won't miss it. (I made a little review about it, yet, I simply can't stay out of being very very cheesy in writing it. I cried the whole time!)




Now..now.. with the presence of ladies like them, I'm sure that even Kartini herself will be so proud, don't you think? ;)



So, happy Kartini day, Indonesian women.. stay true to yourself, reach the highest cloud, and don't be afraid to dream big! 



Note on the outfit:
In this photoshoot, mbak Ani Himawati wore my family's heritage vintage kebaya mixed with her very own family's heritage hand-painted batik. The purple kebaya she wore was my grandmother's kebaya worn at my mother's engagement party with my late father years ago. The brown kebaya is a very very delicate and comfortable lace kebaya my mom wore in her engagement day. The black kebaya was my grandmother's she worn at my uncle's engagement party. 

Photographed by Dito Yuwono 


P.S.: this post is dedicated to my mom~ she's my all time-heroine, my role model, as well as a very tough and educated women indeed. 
Love you, Mom! 



kuwacikecil said...

that was so lovely writing, mira!!!! LOVE IT !!! aahh terharu sekalii.. terimakasih ya nona cantik! HUGS!

Morgan said...

You guys are so so pretty! The pics are divine as usual! LOVED it!

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Riumni | Rainbows Scapes♥ said...

I love all the photos! That's so lovely. Three wonderful girls are wearing kebaya this Kartini's day! I heart your writing about it <3


Sarah said...

Great photos and cute blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)


GiorgioC said...

Love ur blog more than ever !
nice post!
tnx for ur previous visit
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Stevia said...

friendship stories always warms up my little black heart!
you three looks so lady-like with your kebayas!

Kalyana Dewi said...

Kebaya always makes every girl looks pretty and beautiful :) so do you kak :)
love your header!


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