Annual Refreshment for the Soul

Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting. 
(William Arthur Ward )

(Lets move on!)


First and foremost, I'd like to wish a Happy Ied Mubarak 1432 H for those who celebrate it; asking a humble forgiveness for anything I've said and done wrong.. and for anything I wrote that might hurt any of you in the past, dear reader.. 

For an Ied Mubarak is an annual refreshment for the soul, a chance to write from the blank white page of life once again, a chance to forgive and forget, and to move on leaving broken hearts behind. For me, it means love..love..love! Family gathering, hugs, kisses, and forgiveness.. delicious treats, laughter, warmth, an attempt to be nicer, and happiness. A season of joy.. May you all enjoy it too!



 (Do you realize? This is a batik dress I'm wearing.. how do you like the color?)



(The color of this dress reminds me of Alice, lucky I found this pocket watch to top the look)


(I have a crush on fox. I went all nuts and touristy when I found this statue of a boy and a fox by the river. *fainting*)
(Ah! and that picture on the right side.. Ha-ha.. look at my tired face,, this is probably the first time I felt kinda tired to get my pic taken, but Dito was all so excited.. I think it was because of the dress and the walk around the city.. ;)~ psst.. usually, I beg him for a photoshoot.. this time is kinda..well, monumental? Lol. )


 (The bag I found at Tongue in Chic thrift market at Clarke Quay that day. That's why I'm wearing two bags)


Batik Maxi Dress / Summer and Spring
White Bag / a gift from my mom
Nude Bag / Thrifted
Shoes / Conexxion
Sunglasses / Go-Girl
Pocket Watch / Thrifted
Ring / a birthday gift
Hat / Merpati's

Photographed (intensely) by Dito Yuwono ;)




Dewanti Primayani said...

i definitely love the color! blue is your color i guess because it suits you well. you look so pretty <3

Joie de Vivre

Priscilia Cantika said...

great dress<3 love the colour.


Shirley said...

what a beautiful pictures!!!!
love ur bag, and u look gorgeous in that dress!


lady sélénite said...

Love the print and luminous blue of your dress !

michelle_ said...

i love your satchel baggg !!


Buky said...

That bag is thrifted?
Are you serious right now? lol
I love it!
I love the whole outfit too.
District of Fashion

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

u have nice pic in the 1st pic

Kristel Louisa said...

Great spot!

en la moda


Irene Wibowo said...

where's that? i like the place! :)

Love Simple Green

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