Red Hot Beauty Burden

Red Hot Beauty Burden
(Stoneware, glaze, 1250 deg.C, installation in various dimension, 2011) 
"How much are we really aware of our body? Is the skin our physical border? How much space do we each actually occupy? I made body extension out of hands, feet, and the mouth; which are embellishing and hindrance at the same time. It is a comment on the beauty and body cult."
(Mella Jaarsma)

♪ ♫ ♪ Bella Legusi's Dead - Nouvelle Vague ♪ ♫ ♪

(The other models: Louise and Anto Arief)


Strange and creepy arts are always excite me. On top of it, Mella Jaarsma's work of art is the one that never fails to impress. Combining enough strangeness that sometime disturbing with issues on fashion, beauty, and feminism; she makes everyone's head not only turn around for a second glance but also makes them stare at her works, intrigued by it. 

Recently, she just exhibit her work in the window of Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton at the Champs-Elysées, Paris, France in a group exhibition with leading Indonesian artists curated by Hervé Mikaeloff (read here and here). She also owns a top contemporary art gallery in Indonesia, Cemeti Art House- situated in Yogyakarta. 



About being an Art Installation Mannequin 

When mbak Mella called for models to wear her works exhibited in Soemardja Gallery, Bandung; I immediately offer myself to be part of the exhibition. I had no idea what kind of "big chunky red necklace" she wanted me to wear, but, whatever it is, I knew it would be totally strange, intriguing, and exciting. 

As you can see, the necklace covers my face, the ‘beads’ were shaped in teeth and gum form, somehow it looks a bit sadomasochist (which went totally perfect with the juxtapose of me wearing a girly mini white lace dress and heels), and I ought to stand stapled to the wall wearing that necklace and posing as a mannequin. The necklace was so horrid, it’s beautiful. 

Since I was forbade to move (and I wasn’t even intended too); my mind moves wildly. Now I have a clue on how it feels to be a piece of art displayed in a gallery- under the spotlight- during the opening night. I wasn’t even worried about how it might look like, mbak Mella was the star of that night exhibition, her works were intense, and the one that I wore was the weirdest of all. Meaning, everyone’s eyes set on that one, everyone starts taking pictures and approaching, and take a long look and long talk about it. Some people asked whether the artist was insane. Everyone even wonders why did I wear a lace miniskirt while the others wear t-shirt (well, that’s the only plain white piece I brought here). I’m glad they think it was conceptual. 

What do you think?



White Lace Dress / Versicle Shop
White Shoes / Connexion 

P.S.: Sorry for the poor quality images, my dear photographer wasn't around; my sister and my friend took the picture instead..using the pocket and cell-phone camera. I'll change the pictures as soon as I receive it from the artist. 

P.S.S.: If you find this post intriguing, perhaps you can take a look to another fashion-meets-art project I did with silk dress and menstruation blood in a Japanese artist's project via Cemeti Art House few years ago. (Click here to read or download the booklet about it)


Happy Halloween!! 


Marla Singer said...

wohooo this is amazing! the dear lace dress played the awesome part, eh? love 'bela lugosi's dead'! but i think the bauhaus version (the original one) is still the best :D

ps. when will you get back to hometown? i might visit lir with my little one and have a chat with you! xx

Pop Champagne said...

wow these are freaky but really cool!

michelle_ said...

i think this is a very amazing and unique installation ! love how u played the red and whites together !


Irene Wibowo said...

really love it.. :) irene wibowo

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