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I love anything handmade and homemade.. things that was made with love, attention, personalization, and touched by a gentle caring hand. In my family, we have a tradition to give something handmade as a gift (unless when we all got waaay too busy to make anything). When I am more of a cooking and baking type; both of my sisters are the crafty ones. Mirna is the true crafter and Mirla is a gifted knitter (I'll show some of her works later).

My younger sister, Mirna, is a natural in anything artsy and crafty. She has a raven instinct to collect and gather stuff, and turn the unused into something pretty and useful. Her idea of a holiday at home is exploding the room with things and create little treasure for everybody. She's learning to make her work neater now before taking orders and create her own little business. 

Lets just wait and see, shall we?


(Above: The stuffed doll version of my mom and me- created by Mirna)

(Left: Matryoshka doll created by Mirna for Mirla | Right: The whole family figurines)


(It's kinda mean to chop her hair like this but somehow I found this wallet pretty amusing~ another whimsical idea created by my sister, eh?)


(I always wish I were a bit more crafty.. ;) )


Shoes / Cocomo
Floral Top / Fashion Village
Goldfish Necklace / Pure Jewelz
Legging / Centro

Photographed by Dito Yuwono 


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What Makes a Sunday Picnic Superfun?

Fresh fruits..

Sweet treats..

Flowers and animal mask..

Cute dresses hanging on the tree..

Flying a red kite..

Children giving up on their kite that refuses to fly..

Cute girl in red dancing with her camera and blowing transparent balloons.. 

Taking the dogs for a dayout.. then, capturing Indians and Space Bear in blue outfits..

Being a flower girl with the Summerbee, Space Bear, and Sputnik Bunny..

Posing a photo with some girl friends and opening a picnic food-stall..

Posing (again) with two little pretty leprechauns.. 

..and with an Indian little sister..

Watching families in their Sunday picnics..

..and best friends sitting on red-white cloth with a girl laying on the grass behind them..

Some musics In the Woods..



..and people who enjoy it!

And when the crowd grow, the music turns into a fun festival and superfun Sunday picnic.. 

..for everyone! 


More about this event can be found at:
(and more reports are coming up)

Photographed by Dito Yuwono and Tria Nin


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