A Moveable Feast

 When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest
(Ernest Hemingway- A Moveable feast)


When I first decide to share my 'Secret Garden' to such a lot of public, I thought I'd be at least a bit sad or sorry.. knowing that my secret garden is no longer hidden for me, my family, and my close friends only. 

But, I was wrong. 

By the time the first stranger stepped inside my garden and enjoy it as much as I do, those worried shoes evaporates is second. As time goes by, more people came and enjoy themselves.. playing, running around, laying on the grass, walking with the dogs, and mostly: picnicking~ an outdoor activity I enjoy the most. It was almost like a mass garden party where acquaintances become friends and  friends become close friends.. and spring rose in our hearts and stays, just like a moveable feast





P.S.: doesn't mean that the secret garden is now open for public. It's still a private space and can't be used freely without some arrangements. ;)


Pink Slippers / St.Moritz
Spring Dress / Summer and Spring
Flying Horse Necklace / Pure Jewelz
and assorted accessories 

Photographed by Dito Yuwono  




What Makes a Sunday Picnic Superfun?

Fresh fruits..

Sweet treats..

Flowers and animal mask..

Cute dresses hanging on the tree..

Flying a red kite..

Children giving up on their kite that refuses to fly..

Cute girl in red dancing with her camera and blowing transparent balloons.. 

Taking the dogs for a dayout.. then, capturing Indians and Space Bear in blue outfits..

Being a flower girl with the Summerbee, Space Bear, and Sputnik Bunny..

Posing a photo with some girl friends and opening a picnic food-stall..

Posing (again) with two little pretty leprechauns.. 

..and with an Indian little sister..

Watching families in their Sunday picnics..

..and best friends sitting on red-white cloth with a girl laying on the grass behind them..

Some musics In the Woods..



..and people who enjoy it!

And when the crowd grow, the music turns into a fun festival and superfun Sunday picnic.. 

..for everyone! 


More about this event can be found at:
(and more reports are coming up)

Photographed by Dito Yuwono and Tria Nin


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