A Love Letter for Cat Socrates


You, mean..mean little shop. You make my heart stops right at the first time I found you, even before I stepped into your shop. Those tiny whimsy photos you hang in front of the store, that insanely cute bicycle you display out there just like a lady owner of the bicycle is busy shopping inside and left her ride, and all those tiny details carelessly spreading around the place. I was bewitched. When I stepped in, I was literally breathless. I thought I already found treasure when I first hold that Alice in Wonderland and Le Petit Prince Agenda.. but I was wrong, digging deeper inside your shop was a journey to wonderland itself. 

I was totally amazed by those indie-published books (those postcard books; The Sky I Wish To Share With You *swoon* and other photo compilations; local literature and all); those handmade postcard and Polaroid’s stickers; those quirky notebooks (I die!); fun cameras (I can't help myself but taking home one of these and considered to name her Socrates before finally calling her Antoinette); amazing collections of tin toys (yes, those that actually run with keys); and super sweet collections of homewares and fabrics (I must have actually die and gone o a little shop in heaven).

One day visit wasn't enough to feed my hunger of your beautiful collections. I feel that urge to keep coming back. When my new pink camera Antoinette found out to be broken, I came back to your place the next day and got a brand new camera to replace pink Antoinette to blue Antoine; remember me? It was exceeding expectation. I thought the best thing that you can do was trying to repair the camera, but no.. a brand new baby, that is! How generous is that?

It's also very nice to take a sip in that busy mini cafe of yours, great selection of bossanova  musics and entertained by that humble yet romantic mini exhibition you held (Stand On Your Two Feet). I must say that I am a very happy customer.

Guess what, that very same day we tried to take a stroll along the city's hippest spot where all that cool blogshops are standing straight and tall, but, really.. Nothing compared to the satisfaction of finding you at the very first place. Well.. Book Actually; Threadbare and Squirrel; and Birds and Co. are kinda super cool too.. but still, you won over my heart. *lovestruck* 

The other satisfaction that came close to what I felt when I found you was finding the original site of Ya Kun Kaya Toast with all that original old-style stall (and I already have this unhealthy crush with Ya Kun Kaya Toast since a year ago because it reminds me so much of the taste of my childhood.. so, basically, that is still incomparable to my Polaroid love to you: instant, easy, and sweet). 

Someday, I be back and I have to say that you've inspired me to make some major makeovers for my own little shop in Jogja (Lir Shop). Hopefully one day, someone would fell in love when she first stepped inside my shop the way I did with you. It's so easy to love you.

Starry eyed, weird standing pose, and love charmed,

a (more than) happy customer

P.S.: Photographed by Dito Yuwono, and that pretty lady next to me? I'll feature her in a blogpost soon enough. ;)

P.S.S: Check out Cat Socrates' August Newsletter here. Over-flooding cuteness alert! (You've been warned!)


Tea Dress / Summer and Spring
Sandals / St.Moritz
Accesories / Random



The Eyes Have It at Lir Space


I've had these photos in my computer for sometime, before I chopped off my hair. Remember this post when I think I can maintain long hair? Not anymore.. I grew tired of it, the weather is way too hot, and voila: Short hair once again, dear! This post is the last post featuring my longest hair in the last three years (and I braided it, yeah, right!)

These photos were taken in an art installation exhibition called "The Eyes Have It" in Lir Space. Lir Space is another dream that just came true about a month ago. Me and my bf share the same dream of having an art space and we finally make it true in Lir Space; an alternative art space and micro gallery for everyone! Some upcoming exhibition is already marked in our schedule for this year, and really.. I can't wait for whatever exciting coming in our way. Oh, I'm so loving my job! ;) 


♪ ♫ ♪  Eyes on Me - FF VIII ♪ ♫ ♪ 


 (look at this braided detail.. isn't it lovely?)



Dress / Summer and Spring
Scarf as Headpiece / Summer and Spring
Shoes / Garage Store

Photographed by Dito Yuwono in Lir Space during The Eyes Have It exhibition


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