Indonesia Circa 60s


An event that requires certain way of dressing or casually put up a dress code is always exciting. Sometime it feels like going to a costume party. Just like this one.. a theater performance with Indonesian vintage dress code~ me likey!! I feel like going back to the 60s.. Psst..it was my mom who gave me all the styling tips this time. Do I look convincing? ;) 

P.S.: No, I'm still not a vintage-fashion blogger. Although I convincingly look like one (in this post). In 2012 I'll try being a bit more 'now'.. or at least, less vintage..if you know what I mean.. We'll see!


Speaking of, what do you think of a costume party to celebrate my (or Picnic Girl's) upcoming birthday?

I'm looking forward to it! 


Bow Top / Little Garage
Apricot Long Skirt / Raindrops on Roses
Accessories / Random
Coin Pouch / handmade by my sister

Photographed by Hera Ariani (1), Dito Yuwono (2-5), and Octo Cornelius (6) 




rana musika said...

Dapet banget feel 60's nya :D

great outfit. I adore your skirt. so cute >.<

Mitha Komala said...

i really love your skirt and flats dear, they are really lovely. you look so adorable wearing them, so vintage. love your blog <333

follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)


Amber said...

that skirt is just adorable and it looks great on you. A costume party sounds like a fun way to celebrate your blog bday.

Nadia Sekarsari Anindyati said...

Super vintage kak! Where did you take the photo? Love the edits!

artika maya said...

so vintage..
ah ya, happy new year miy :)

Mary Lee said...

aw your outfit is so lovely!!

hope you can enter my giveaway!

Lucia said...

waaa lucu, sering2 aja posting vintage outfit hehe ;)

Lutfi Fadhila said...

lovely looks :)

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