Just Like the Little Women!


It was an easy breezy Sunday, just like today. The sun was shinning gently, and warm..like a soft light blanket comfortably laid upon our skin. As soon as we laid the blanket, the picnic is on.. we talk, we laugh, we sew! Just like the little women! 


(take a little tour while having an ice cream party)


(left: Kiky of Hello Bleu and right: me and mustache)


Sewing Picnic!


We happy few!


The little women and their creation..


Blue Floral Dress / Obi-Obi
Espadrille / Friday to Sunday

Photographed by Dito Yuwono



Anita Putri said...

OMG love the concept !really love it very cute sweet. :)

rana musika said...

what a lovely picnic *envy*

dunia kecil indi said...

wah, piknik yang menyenangkan sekali :)

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