The Perfect Birthday Weather

We don’t ask to be eternal beings. 
We only ask that things do not lose all their meaning.
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

It was the sky. 

I remember the sky look like fresh water with rippling clouds; deep and intense. I remember being carried away by the stream of wishes..listening to what my heart really wants, carefully..and followed where the path was taking me. 

I remember the wind brings tranquility to every heart it has touched. 

I remember being very careless, letting myself free from all the routines; trying to find the newness of daily life all over again..and succeed. I remember feeling like walking inside a bubble or warmth and serenity..and freedom. I found myself visiting the old sites I used to love when I was a kid..only to find myself still in love with all these places and the magic.  

I remember being very inspired by the sky..the irresistibly clear blue sky.. and decided to re-read the books of great aviators with soul of a poet: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.. Roald Dahl.. Gavin Pretor-Pinney. There goes the first birthday resolution. I imagine them dancing upon the cloud, swimming through the deep blue sky, and word starts pouring out like the endless stream of sun flares seen from their flying goggles. 

That day, I got a gorgeous weather as my birthday present. 
It was perfect. 


Photographed by Kurniadi Widodo on my birthday 

Thanks to Ben, Kate, Dito, Wid, and Yoga for accompanying me through the journey! ;)




Indonesia Circa 60s


An event that requires certain way of dressing or casually put up a dress code is always exciting. Sometime it feels like going to a costume party. Just like this one.. a theater performance with Indonesian vintage dress code~ me likey!! I feel like going back to the 60s.. Psst..it was my mom who gave me all the styling tips this time. Do I look convincing? ;) 

P.S.: No, I'm still not a vintage-fashion blogger. Although I convincingly look like one (in this post). In 2012 I'll try being a bit more 'now'.. or at least, less vintage..if you know what I mean.. We'll see!


Speaking of, what do you think of a costume party to celebrate my (or Picnic Girl's) upcoming birthday?

I'm looking forward to it! 


Bow Top / Little Garage
Apricot Long Skirt / Raindrops on Roses
Accessories / Random
Coin Pouch / handmade by my sister

Photographed by Hera Ariani (1), Dito Yuwono (2-5), and Octo Cornelius (6) 




Time is Transient

Time is transient. We are eternal:
plucking seconds, one by one, arranging them like flowers
until one day we forgot what for.
"But time is transient,
is it not?" you ask.
We are eternal.

(Sapardi Djoko Damono)


The year that has just passed left a trace of warmth and sweet smile lingering from within. It was a rich year, indeed.. new friends, key to many new doors, life that keeps on moving, journeys and adventures, and at the end of the year: a relationship rebounded. Funny how it seems like my 2011 starts on May, the birth of my baby Lir. To me, it was the year of dream comes true. 

Entering the door of a new year feels like a fresh start, a warm sunbeams stitched in the heart guiding the way to every step forward.. new adventures to come, new journeys to make, experience the newness of everyday life, and we shall live the life completely. 

But most importantly: surprise yourself! 



Happy New Year, Joyful Souls! 

Dress / A Plus
Sweater / Little Garage
Belt / Day or Night
Shoes / Hers

Photographed by Dito Yuwono

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