Take a Trip Into the Sky

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The weather here in Jogja is in a quirky mood.. it rains and shine in the blink of our eyes..and I was talking about a crazy cat and dog rains and brilliant shine that changes in a flip. But, well.. *stop* although it might be quite interesting, lets not talk about the weather. Instead, let me introduce you to my man and her Picnic Girl photos, my hometown, and some cool stuff my friends made. 

Lets take a trip into the sky with me.. 


::My man and what happen behind the scene::

My man took almost all photos for the Picnic Girl. I never ever thought of publishing some behind the scene shot (because there wasn't any) until now when our friend Wid took them for me. Yay!! 

I love the way Dito transform a rustic environment into nice and clean photograph. I mean..just compare those photos of behind the scene and the result to see the different. The photos in this series were taken on top of my house. This ruin I step on used to be my mother's glass house for her beloved plants before it ruined by the ashes during the Merapi eruption on 2010. I always love how rustic it can be..and on top of it all, I love the view up there! 

Well, won't you? Look!


::My hometown::

I told a long tale about my hometown two years ago during the Merapi eruption. (Click here to read the post) Let me quote a praise I wrote about it:
The daily morning in Kaliurang is glorious with a combination of the bluest sky, chirping birds, gentle sunshine, and a crisp peppermint wind. Sometime, the evening is even more glorious with the sunset that makes everything sparkle with golden edge. At another time, the hazy day will get us all so lazy and the rain will give us all a good reason to stay home and cuddle over a cup of hot ginger milktea.

Now..look at these pictures of the morning sky in my hometown.. don't you just feel like taking a trip into the sky and dance away? *wink*


(there goes my favorite hill to climb: Turgo..the small one, behind me, on the left photo)

Just look at the sky behind me.. so much like clear deep blue water I feel like sailing on it!


::My friends make things::

Ley makes the most whimsical jewelry for her brand FORGETMENOT. This ring I'm wearing is soon become my most favorite ring ever. Just to think of a combination between miniature soup bowl, vintage style flower painting, and a tiny broken edge to top it off to perfection! I really should take closer photo, shouldn't I? 

and just one more thing..  

*drumrolls please*

The second edition of Spark zine is now published!
Download it here and follow their Twitter @Spark_zine and Diny's blog now, I'm serious!
(for her age, I think she's very inspiring and updated about fashion world!)


White Chiffon Top / A Plus
Black Sandals / House of Mangos
Indian Headpiece / Little Garage
Legging / Centro
Statement Ring / Forgetmenot

Photographed by Dito Yuwono (outfit photos) and Kurdiadi Widodo (behind the scene)


Have a nice day!

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