The Monday Culinary Club


Monday has been pretty special for me. It feels like a Sunday. 

Being an entrepreneur, I have the privileged to choose my own holiday..and because my business is in service industry, I can't have weekend off like everyone else; so I chose Monday as my weekly holiday. Apparently, when I was in Bandung, my office were also closed every Monday. That's how the Monday Culinary Club begin. 

The Monday Culinary Club.

Judging from the name, I think you might have already guessed what kind of club that is. Yes, in some Mondays, we went for a culinary tour to all the legendary places. The 'club' started on September 2011 when mbak Tarlen of Tobucil kindly guided me to all the vintage culinary spots around Bandung every Monday with an extra visit to all place crafty ( my best time in Bandung!)

Then, when I'm back to Jogja and my bf starts working as a culinary journalist, the club is active once again. It now consist of me, Dito, Wid, Amel, and sometime the Lir's team join us. Together, we had visited some famous culinary spots at Magelang (with a bit of cultural visit to that scandalous OHD museum) and another one at Solo. 

Normally, we go and visit 4 to 8 places in one Monday! How could we, you ask? Hahaha.. not that we are so greedy or starving..but, in every Monday Culinary Club we have this rule of one place-one dish. So, in every place we visit, we only order one dish for one person in the club (the rest could only have a bite).. and everyone will have their turn based on their favorite food or place. Sounds a bit complicated, but, it really is fun. All the travels, the talk, the mini trips, and the good food.. it's all worth the time off! 

Next Monday, we're going South! 


This is what I wear on our Solo Monday Culinary Club



The Monday Culinary Club: Solo
(with WidAmel, and Dito) | Check out some photos Wid took during those trips: (1) and (2) 



Bag / Little Garage
Accessories / Random

Dress / Little Garage | Garage Sale 
(found this dress for 5K only-- that's about $0.5 !!)

Photographed by Dito Yuwono 


Have a great Monday!


Featured on: Little Garage's Head to Toe

I am so super flattered. 
My favorite vintage shop in Jogja, Little Garage, just featured me on their Head-to-Toe section. 
It really makes my day. Thank you, Garage Girls!

Click on the photo above to see the full post or visit them here


Straw Hat  n Shoes / Random 
Bow Scalloped Top / Shop Versicle.
Polkadot Skirt / Raindrops on Roses
Ring / forgetmenot

Photographed by Putri Santoso of Little Garage



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