Thoughts: When You Grow Up, Some Things Grow Out of You.

“Susi, do you have any idea of what it is to let go of something you love and cherish? the further you travel the more aware you become of that something you left behind and the more oppressive it feels to be making the journey alone. It’s as if the lifeblood flowed from your wounds as you walked, drop by drop, onto the ground below. All because of promises made and promises broken”


People say that when you turn 27, you will make an important decision that will change the path of your life. A few days ago, I just celebrated my 27th birthday having that thought in my mind.. looking forward for whatever it is in front of me. Yes, I have chosen my path a few years ago when I was 24 and take an important turn of my life. Seems like this age of 27 is the time I need to responsible for that. 

Looking backward, I see how as we grow up..some things grow out of us. For example, I don't think I am still interested in all things fashion as I used to be when I first start this blog. I simply grow out of it. Maybe it's time to change the whole thing about this blog. It's like how things go with an old friends who grow out of each other.. we chose the different path and it  simply diverge without any visible encounter ahead. Promises made and promises broken. 

Looking forward, with the whole wedding and a little house for two waiting ahead of me; a career and a higher degree to pursue; a dream to nurture; and a life to live to the fullest..I guess it is now the time to actually grow up and set all the worries aside.  To live, is one great adventure, so Peter says! I can't be more excited.

This post is not yet the last outfit post in this blog (I still have another sponsor-goodies to post), but it will soon change into more of a picnic and art blog..maybe with some food and places review too, but probably no outfit nor fashion post anymore. 

You see.. some things just grow out of you as you grow up. 
It slips through your fingers I guess.. :)


You might need a bit of time and space to digest the change..

..but soon enough,

♪ ♫ ♪ La Meme Histoire - Feist ♪ ♫ ♪


..you'll be ready to join the dance of life once again!


Fly shoes 
Short from Raindrops on Roses
Vintage bag found when thrifting
Ponco from the Sunday Morning market
Hat from Mirota combined with a handmade flower crown 
and Vintage Peter Pan Necklace that was broken during this photoshoot
(it probably tells me to grow out of that Peter Pan syndrome too)

Photographed by Dito Yuwono 
(except for one darker picture that was taken by Wid)


1 comment:

dini hapsari said...

love your shoes..look cozy.

Baru nemu blog ini..just want to say 'hi'..you're an exotic model. simple, happy and free.

love it,
really enjoy this blogwalking.

thank you.

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