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Meet Frankie's little brother: Smith. Just as quirky, as geeky, as playful, as neatly designed, and just as interesting.. but this one is for boys (and girls like me who sometime enjoy dreaming about being a little bit more tomboy)

Smith Journal is published by the same press as Frankie. I was totally hooked by their first edition's introduction about being imperfect..and it says "This magazine is for anyone interested in the world, for everyone who has been out there living life & not just studying it from afar."..and my childhood fantasy of being one of the curious and playful lost boys found its match. 

Meet Smith here
Read their newsletter here


(as quirky as it can be, they gave away vintage carrot and cabbage seed in one of their edition!)


{some articles that I love} 
(about ice cream vans)
 (about a designer of kodak instamatic-and more iconic stuff)
(disassembling stuff- so boyish!!)
 (mike and maxi's excellent adventure--on bikes!)
(typewriter and some men of the history)
 (boat house!)
Photographed by Miy


Fransiska said...

I've always wanted to buy Frankie. this one looks lovely as well! Where did you get it, mind sharing it with me? :)

muchlove said...

I think I saw a new one the other day. I'll send it to you!

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