Soirée: One Night Stand*


‘One Night Stand’ is a party hosted by Cemeti Art House in celebrating their 25th anniversary. The idea was to held a one-night art project where everything is ‘happening’ simultaneously. Artists and art practitioners will be asked to contribute ‘anything’ for one night, to bring in artworks to exhibit or create an artwork on the spot, such as murals, performances, and video works. 

Being 25 and famously known as the pioneer of contemporary art in Indonesia, Cemeti has distinctive charisma that makes almost anything displayed and performed in the space breath art. Something they deserve throughout the 25 years commitment, for sure.

Well.. just let the picture do the talk. 


(someone displayed a post-it note in an artwork manner)

(I decided to bring the classic: fresh flower with a postcard of Dito's work attached as a greeting card)


(I found both works above and below hilarious, witty, and smart) 
(above-one of my favorite work and the artist | 
below- Dito's favorite artist playing guitar in front of Dito's work) 
(above- Moki decided to displayed Slank's poster and lyric instead)
(above- a performer attaching 'sold' label on my glasses |
below- a textile artist 'selling' fortune cookies)
(above and below- Jogja Best Dress project by Ben Fox and Kate Fielding) 


(above- some live-drawings performance by Sandy Yudha and Eddie Hara |
below- Malcolm in his leopard 'Tuxedo untuk Rakyat' project and Naomi's performance) 
 (someone decided to show up wearing Batman costume and act like one)


(Budi and I are sold)
(it was a very hot night and sharing fan with some friends over iced coffee is the most sensible thing)

More about 25 Years Cemeti Art House, here.

 Photographed by Dito Yuwono and edited by Miy



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Jerry said...

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