Thought: About the Abandoned Houses Project

(me in front of my Abandoned House Project photos and stories)


Some of you who have read my blog since the beginning might notice that I am a little bit obsessed with abandoned houses (check here, here, and here).. These houses.. ah.. I can't help making up stories in my mind; curious about the history before it got left behind. I once promised to share all of those stories one day, and I just did in the Feels Like Home exhibition. 

The Abandoned House project is my attempt to collect memories of some abandoned houses in my hometown, Kaliurang. (apparently, aside from being 'obsessed' with abandoned houses, I am obsessed of collecting unseen things like dreams, memories, and moments.. will write about that later).. So, in Kaliurang, there are tens of houses left by its owner; empty and forgotten. The number is growing and add up rapidly everytime the Mt.Merapi erupting cycle came closer. To me, this pretty little town on the slope of the mountain is somewhat seem to slowly abandoned too..  Although sometime, there are new hope for the town when these houses eventually sold and the new owner pour his soul in it and stitching new memories. 

To me, there is something melancholic about that fact and I would like to collect the oral history of the houses.. how someone used to built the house with dreams and fill it up with stories before deciding to leave it just like that. A side of me hope that these oral histories and pictures might lead to new historical or anthropological findings of the communities, the town, and the people. Another side of me simply wish to preserve the memories of these houses..just like prickles in a jar. 

In Feels Like Home, I exhibit 10 photos and stories of my favorite abandoned houses, taken with analogue camera with black and white film. In the future, I would like to continue the project and collect all the abandoned houses pictures and its tales in my hometown. 

Posted below are some snapshots I took with my digicam during the process of collecting the pictures of the houses. These are not the pictures I exhibit, so, if you want to see the real pictures, come and visit our exhibition before March 17, 2013.. here. If you're not in Jogja, please wait for a little while for I am going to publish the whole Feels Like Home projects in a book that can be freely downloaded online. ;) 


Some of my favorite abandoned houses:


Some of my favorite gates:


Peeking from outside the fence:


The abandoned swimming pool:


Photographed by Miy
 (except the first picture, by Dito Yuwono)

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